Day 10 – Made it over Atigun Pass!

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Day 10 – Made it over Atigun Pass!

What an exciting day! Woke up and flew the drone. Hopefully got a little footage. And then I was off to Atigun Pass. That’s a good one! Road a little bit up it and then did a bunch of pushing. I thought according to my buddy Felix from Switzerland I met yesterday. It was going to get nice and sunny on the other side. Not so much. But there’s tons of bunnies and the road got a lot easier. Met another guy headed north named Felix from Quebec. We had a few minute discussion about the north slope and off he went on a mission took get over Atigun and up the road as a snow storm was on the horizon. First I heard of any storm due to no cell service out here. Ended up pulling off 44.2 miles today! Longest day in the saddle so far!


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