Day 2 – Video Report from Northern Alaska

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Day 2 – Video Report

In this quick video from Day 2 I will update you on my progress…

I will update you on how some of my gear is performing and I will have a close encounter with a big ass bear.

Stay tuned for more!


Looking good on Day 2!


Day 2 on the Dalton

Day two started out very nice. I got up, tightened some screws on the surly. Put a couple of wire ties through the seat where the rivets are falling out. Then started loading up the bike. I was maybe half loaded when I just happened to look up. And see a huge grizzly walking in between me and the river. Maybe a quarter-mile away. It was awesome! I really wanted to fly the drone overhead. But it was way too windy. And a road crew came a few blocks down right as I was debating. So I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea. Back on the road it got extremely cold. The fog rolled in. It was absolutely freezing. Found a job trailer and stopped in for some top Ramen. It did the trick for about a half hour. Then I was right back to freezing. Biked all day until about 11 at night. Hurried up and set up camp just off the side of the Dalton in a small frozen fog storm. Managed to get my bike inside the tent. Which is awesome! Everything was freezing. Including myself. Did 26.2 miles today. And I worked for every single one of them!

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