Day 3: I’m on the North Slope in Alaska and it’s a little Cold!

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Day 3 on the Dalton

Woke up today around 830. Opened up the screen and it looked like winter wonderland all around me. Everything was frozen. Made me want to start singing Christmas carols! So I decided to hell with that and went right back to sleep. Slept until almost noon. Tossing and turning the whole time but it was still glorious in the sleeping bag. The only time I am warm. When I finally came out of the tent, I realized I was on top of a rolling mountain. I thought I had exhausted myself the night before because I couldn’t pedal anymore. But I was actually climbing mountains the whole time. The fog was only about a block of visibility. So I had no idea what the landscape was doing. The road always appears the same, gravel. The fog had lifted quite a bit and I could see out into the valley. Pretty awesome! I could also see a restroom not far away. So I rode over there and gave it a test run. Then on down the road. My first downhill of the trip I hit 32 miles an hour and the elephant did pretty good. Long as I keep the seat between my legs and lean back a little bit I can keep the bike from waging too much in the back. The front also wants to shimmy but I can hold it with my arms and it actually does pretty good downhill. So we went like that all day of up rolling hills and down the rolling hills. I found a little camp called Happy Valley. Was hoping they had cold beer and a general store. But they just have fuel for the 70° North Planes. Stopped and used their facilities, as in the deck and a bench seat to make some more top Ramen and I was right back in action. Cruised 30 miles today and it was a very nice day. It really renewed my spirits. Still freezing cold. Still was getting a little bit of snow off the fog freezing. But much better than day two! Rode 30.5 miles and camped right next to the pipeline.




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