Day 4 – 88 Miles from Deadhorse

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Day 4 – Video Report – 88 Miles from Deadhorse, Alaska

What happened to day 3? As a bit of a beginner at producing video,  I learned a valuable lesson on day 3… when it’s windy out, the audio recording sucks… it sucks so much that it is impossible to listen to… So, rather than punish you with those awful noises, I decided to skip ahead to day 4. To be honest you didn’t miss much on day 3… it looked a lot like day 4 in fact. Gravel road, endless horizons topped by mostly grey skies and cold temps.



So, let’s get back to day 4… I’ve knocked out an amazing 88 miles so far, and my legs are threatening to go home without me. My trusty Surly bicycle is holding up well with the exception of some unexpected saddle problems… I’ve given my trusty two-wheeled companion what I believe is a fitting nickname: Le Elephant. Partly because the lovely grey paint color reminds me of an elephant, and partly because it weighs as much as a small elephant with me on board.

I’m about 20 miles or so from the Arctic Circle and hoping to be there tomorrow.

I’ve seen a couple of big ass bears… fortunately they were not interested in having me as a snack. I’ve seen Caribou grazing alongside the Sag River and I’ve been attacked by three white birds… they may have been pidgeons… I’m not really sure as it wasn’t easy to get a positive ID while attempting my getaway. I can only imagine how that must have looked had someone been there to witness the attack.

So, I’m still alive on Day 4, I’ll call that a small victory!


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