Day 1: I’m in Deadhorse, Alaska and it’s Freezing Cold!

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I’ve Arrived in Deadhorse, Alaska, and Adventure is in the Air!

It’s the first week of June and I’ve just arrived in Deadhorse, Alaska. Much to my surprise, it is freezing cold! I’m in Deadhorse to start my attempt at riding a bicycle from far Northern Alaska all the way to the Southernmost tip of Argentina. A trip of more than 15,000 miles which will take me thru every type of climate, terrain and political situation that can be imagined.

Along the way I will be taking notes, making videos, taking lots of photos and following my muse.

Day 1 on the Dalton

Day one started out great. I signed up for the Arctic Ocean tour with five or six guys that had rolled up on motorcycles. We had fun walking out on the frozen Beaufort Sea. Standing on top of the world is an amazing experience!

Then I went back to my room and started packing the last of my things onto the Surly. The bike got very large. And I started to get worried. As I took it out of my room and rolled down the hallway I noticed that this is going to be a lot of weight. Too much weight. I rode it across to the airport to say goodbye to my girls that helped me so much over the past few days.

And it is a wobbly little monster and a little tricky on the loose gravel. Which is what I will be on for the next 450 miles plus. Said goodbye to everyone and thanked them again for finding my box. And off to the Dalton I went! The gravel at the beginning is small gravel super loose but doable. You have to dodge the trucks and listen for the trucks and get out of their way up to a certain extent.

Because when they fly by they shoot a lot of rocks out. Plus you get the wind from the momentum behind them and a lot of dust or mud if they’re watering. The highlight of today was a red fox sitting on the side of the road. As I neared I could not tell what it was yet. I had a truck come up behind me at the same time we both arrived and the fox ducked down and went across the road. Completely ignoring us hunting some birds. He jammed out into the tundra, missed all the birds, then turned around looking at us like what the hell are you doing here? It was priceless. Got to watch him cruise off into the tundra still hunting. Way better than any National Geographic Channel out here. I’m loving it. It was all flat today, but still very tiring. With the rocks and loose gravel, I was all over the place. Biked 36 miles and found a nice little access road off the side of the Dalton to camp for the night.




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